digital microlearning

In a digitally interconnected world learning to work with a social distance, we know that workforces and workways will be even more diverse in the future. In this business context organizations depend on their leaders’ ability to relate to different work cultures, styles and ways as well as to different workforce groups and people. Having leaders that are able to connect and relate to people in a digitally and socially distant work life is a key asset for any organization to stay in business.

For this reason, we have designed RQ – a microlearning tool for leaders and managers to develop inclusive behaviors. RQ supports organizations to obtain their diversity and inclusive targets by focusing on fostering relational and inclusive leadership skills. RQ helps organisations to transform into inclusive workplaces by preparing their leaders to build relational intelligence and inclusive leadership skills. How does this work?

RQ asks one leadership related question per day for 30 days in a row. The ask is to reflect on, connect with and relate to a typical work situation with a new and critical standpoint. Critical reflections bring new perspectives to life and enable new ways of thinking and doing. Transformation happens when old ways of thinking is replaced with new ways of understanding and doing. RQ implicitly supports organizational transformation towards inclusion by explicitly encouraging leaders and managers to rethink their day to day leadership performance. With only a 5-minute-training per day, RQ boosts leaders’ and managers’ informal learning on the job. A series of 30 5-minute-reflections per day enhances relational and inclusive leadership skills that prepare leaders to better relate to diverse workforces and workways.

Are you interested in acquiring RQ and launch a 30-day transformative learning experience for leaders in your organization?

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