Inclusive leaders.
Inclusive organisations.

Leaders are key for organizations to create even odds for men and women to achieve high performance at work. We train leaders to groom, coach, support and challenge all talents equally.

How? Pocket-sized microlearning. We call it RQ.  

RQ - Relational intelligence at work

RQ is a mobile microlearning application developed to upskill leaders on relational intelligence: the necessary skill to enhance leadership impact through relations at work. 

RQ is designed as an inspirational 30-day program with daily micro lessons adapted to the specific workplace context, enabling leaders to rethink day-to-day leadership performance.

Effects of RQ:

  • Inclusive leadership
  • Diversity as a business asset
  • Happy coworkers 
  • Healthy work relations
  • Courage to go from learning to action

Our services:

30 daily micro lessons in a pocket-sized application available on Appstore and Google Play today.

We tailor 30 daily micro lessons for your organizational specific D&I ambitions, challenges and visions.

We consult organizations on how to scope, plan and implement D&I strategies.