Microlearn relational intelligence: 5 minutes a day

Organizations depend on leaders to create engagement and a sense of belonging for people with different backgrounds. We believe relational intelligence is the skill to manage the new business landscape of diverse workforces as well as diverse workways. 

Relational intelligence builds a leadership relevant to a wider range of coworkers by increasing leaders’ awareness of how organizational culture and structure benefits or hinders employee groups in different ways. 

This awareness enables a more impactful leadership for organizational performance. We capture the everyday practice of structure and culture in relations at work. 

Based on research and professional practice, evenodds has identified five abilities that form the basis of relational intelligence in leadership

  • Critical reflection
  • Compassion mindset 
  • Caring conversation
  • Sense of belonging
  • Relational leadership

RQ visualizes the interplay and co-dependence between leadership, culture, structure and employee well-being and encourages leaders to take transformative action.


RQ enables individual reflection, group discussion and organizational learning. Leaders engage individually in a daily micro lesson, 5 minutes a day for 30 days straight. Once a week, the program summons all leaders for an hour of group discussion and deep learning on how relational intelligence relates to D&I in general and to organizational D&I targets in particular.

The program is facilitated by senior consultants with a multidisciplinary background from management consulting, industrial economics academia and extensive pedagogical experience from teaching and designing trainings.

RQ - Relational intelligence

RQ is short for relational intelligence. We view it as a necessary compliment to IQ and EQ, with the added element of action. Intelligence is practiced in relations. RQ focuses on making inclusion happen in and through relationship at work. Relational intelligence is the ability to relate to, engage with and understand perspectives on everyday work experience that differ from yours. 


RQ is built on the RCR-method guiding leaders to grasp and benefit from the multitude of perspectives in their everyday work life. The RCR-method is an iterative three step process, guiding leaders to:

  1. Critically and intellectually reflect.
  2. Emotionally connect with new knowledge and insights.
  3. Socially relate with new insights in day-to-day interactions and relations at work. 

RQ resources

In modern times of hybrid workplaces, we run a risk of losing the human touch. Integrated in RQ are supportive tools for leaders’ self-reflection that make learning and development progressive and fun. The following three supportive tools activate all of your senses in reflection. 

  • RQ specific composed music. 
  • Breathing exercises enabling active rest. 
  • RQ signature scent to trigger capacity to remember.

Download RQ, Relational Intelligence: