evenodds advices organizations and leaders on diversity & inclusion (D&I) strategies. All evenodds consultants have research experience and operate in the interplay between research and practice. Our tools and methods reflect deep theoretical knowledge as well as over 10 years of business-oriented D&I practice. This mix makes our coaching unique in the D&I consulting industry. 
We use evenodds assets to visualize how norms and social power structures at work shape and skews everyday business operations. evenodds offers everything from instant digital solutions to tailored strategies and actions most suitable for your organizational D&I objectives. Our aim is to help our clients to grow their talents and business thanks to D&I. 

For you without a D&I strategy in place:

  • Soundboard with evenodds before deciding on your D&I strategy
  • Have evenodds facilitate your process of scoping your D&I strategy

For you with a D&I strategy in place and who want to pick up your speed: 

  • Implement Instant RQ and start accelerating towards inclusion today!
  • Choose Tailored RQ and let evenodds adapt RQ to your specific business and D&I needs